July 30, 2016

Women's Walking Group

Ladies YSAG Walking Group to Spectacle Lake  --  July 18th.

Photos and text complements Margaret Jones.

Today we had a peaceful walk around Spectacle Lake.
Time to take in the sights and enjoy lunch surrounded by silence.
Three ladies stayed off the THIN ICE and watched the eagle
catch lunch while we enjoyed the solitude.
Donna isolated herself further to the shade.

Women's Walking Group

Ladies walking  --  July 11/16  --  Cowichan River Trail.

Photo complements of Claudia McLeod.

Rest stop and photo op.

July 25, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Great day for 9 of us to walk the 7KM in and around Manley Creek Park.  Next week is the long weekend, to avoid traffic we will walk the trails behind the Legion.  Following week will be a road trip and Pub Lunch. --- Brook

Trail down to the water (tide was out) and back around via Telegraph Road

Viewpoint to the water & Saltspring Island


Beverages at the Shawnigan House

July 18, 2016

Ten of us walked from the Shawnigan Beach Estates(Gregory Rd) to the Kinsol Trestle and
then back , to form a loop.
The estimated distance varied from about 11 k to 14 k(mine). So what numbers should we take?
Pictures are posted below.
Ed. W.

July 12, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Starting at the Legion we had a nice day for an 11Km walk for the 14 to trek in and around Shawnigan School grounds followed by coffee at the Shawnigan House.  The school had signs posted "Bear in the Area", but we did not see the bear.  Next week trek will be a walkers choice? --- Brook



Single file bush whacking as the Trail has not been used since the Bear in the Area!


No star gazing in the daytime?


July 4, 2016

Woman's Walking Group

from Claudia McLeod.

Six ladies walked in the Fullers Lake area today. Next week is the Cowichan River Trail from Tansor Rd.  Bring your lunch.

Five happy looking walkers.

A strange looking bird --  what is it?

This owl is a welcome adornment.

Men's Walking Group

It was a great day for the record 17 YSAG members to walk the 9Km around the Duncan Dykes.  Had a look at the historic photos in the alleys followed by lunch at the Craig Street Brew Pub.  Next week will be an easy trek from the Legion to walk in & around the Shawnigan School grounds.  --- Brook


Great walk around the Duncan perimeter today.  The weather cooperated, the company was good and the lunch was great, too.  What more could we ask for? Biggest turnout of walkers I can remember.  Below is my map and just some of the many photos I took.   ---   DeNNis.

We parked our vehicles behind Lordco Auto Parts in the parking lot of  the downtown Duncan shopping center.  Walked across the street and down the E&N tracks where we picked up the new
dyke trail along the Cowichan River.  Follow the "Yellow Brick Road" for the rest of the walk.

Off we go down the tracks.

A stop at the E&N rail trestle - looking down towards the
Silver Bridge.

Looking back at the trestle.

A great new trail leads us under the Silver Bridge.

Of course we need a couple of "supermen" to hold the bridge up.

Some beautiful plantings in the apartment complex
alongside the trail. 

Cross over the bridge.

Someone not taking good care of this plant pot.

Water treatment pond at the "Fresh Water Eco Center" near
the Public Works Yard.

Must stop and do our workout at the Cowichan Sportsplex.

Then along a treed pathway -

- and across another bridge -

- to another part of the Sportsplex.

- reading material included.

Beautiful lawn - cutting
not necessary - artificial

Back onto the berme just beyond the golf driving range.

A little flower, looks like a poppy, all
alone along the trail.

Onward to downtown Duncan.

Checking out some antique photos of Duncan in the
alley way before stopping for lunch

These two photos didn't turn out great --

-- but the lunch certainly did.