November 28, 2016

Women's Walking Group

Photos and comments by Doreen Parker.

We walked around Shawnigan Lake area on a beautiful sunny day.
Notice the new dock at Shawnigan.

The ladies decided to go out on it but it was pretty slippery.

Lenora looking at water running fast down through someone's property.

A man bought this cottage and brought it back to the way it was
originally by building the entrance and adding the cottage sign.
Of course he fixed the house up too and it is a lovely spot.

An old sewing machine in a junky yard that has been there for years.

Two deer doing "kissy face.

Finished our walk with a lunch at the Chippery.

Men's Walking Group

A brisk 8Km walk for the group of 14 followed by coffee at the Drumroaster Coffee.  Next week plan will be local down Sylvester Road. 


A nice day for a walk around the Friendship Trail in Duncan.  It was near zero degrees when we left the Legion but we finished up in the sunshine.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

We started from the Walmart parking lot (top right).  Follow the yellow brick road counter-clockwise from there.  I think the map is pretty well self-explanatory.

Away we go - up the E&N tracks to Drinkwater Road.

Seen on Drinkwater Rd.

Quite a few apples - no leaves left.

Posted on a fence on Drinkwater Rd.

Lots of colour in the rose hips.

Starting down the trail from Drinkwater Rd.

Ice on the shallow puddles --

 --  decorated by Mother Nature.

The bridge across Bings Creek -- on the other side this trail
connects with the Cowichan Valley trail.  Lots of water in
Bings Creek at this time of year.

The Cowichan Valley trail ends at Sherman Road which we
take down to beside the Highway where we get onto the
Friendship Trail.

The Friendship trail, flanked on the right by the E&N and the
Trans-Canada Highway.

Some artist has been at work below the bridge across
Averill Creek.

I am told this is a "Shaggy Mane"
mushroom, apparently edible.

Hope this is readable.

Back where we started.


November 26, 2016

Women's Walking Group

On Monday, November 21st, four ladies did a 4 Km walk around the Shawnigan area and even found a new trail, thanks to a lady that stopped to talk to us.  We had great sunny weather and enjoyed the walk and the new trail.  Next walk will be decided when we meet at the Legion Monday morning.  We leave the legion at 9:30 so don't be late.  See you there.

(Photos by Helen Lainchbury.  Comments by Doreen Parker.)

A fence made up of bicycles.

We dressed the eagle and offered him a drink.

Quenched our thirst with a beer at the Black Swan ..... just kidding.

November 21, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Interesting route for the 13 of us to walk 9Km around Shawnigan Village and Old Mill Park followed by coffee (sitting outdoors) at Shawnigan House.  Next week plan is a trek around the Friendship Trail in Duncan.  -- Brook


Another enjoyable walk with no rain.  Looks like Denis's touch is rubbing off onto Brook -- "No rain Mondays."  Below is my map and some photos.  --  DeNNis.

Hope this map is not too confusing.  Started at the Legion (bottom right) and did kind of a counter-clockwise route.  Ed and I lost track of the the rest when we decided to check out the viewing platform in Old Mill Park but found them back on the tracks on the return journey.

Symbol in driveway --

-- at this residence.  Another VW being restored in
the same yard.

"The Chippery."

Had to look way-up to
see this lone leaf hang-
ing on for dear life.

Shawnigan Cemetary.

A sprig from this Holly tree ready for Christmas.

This mini-garden always looks good no matter what the
time of year.

If we split this banana we could have
a banana split.

Tree growing from a branch of the
mother tree.

The lake viewing platform in Old Mill Park.

Old foundation of some unknown structure.

Entrance to Old Mill Park.

A wet walk out to the rest of the dock.

Back on track with the rest of the gang.

Christmas ornaments??

Strange wood burl.

Boat taking a long holiday.

November 16, 2016

Women's Walking Group

On Monday, November 14th, five ladies took a leisurely 4.5 Km walk around the Cobble Hill area.  Weather was sunny and perfect and we all had a good time feeding the animals along the way. (Photos and comments courtesy Doreen Parker.)

All the white crosses added to the graves at St Johns Church.

A lady came out and gave us alfalfa blocks to feed her
two horses.  On our way home we passed husband and wife on
the road having their daily ride.

The little tree was covered with dew and sunshine and looked
like an early Christmas tree  --  So pretty.

We fed the ducks and they came right out of the water
looking for more food.

Three works of art in yard.

The Gargoyle didn't look too happy to see us.

Lovely carvings.

We gathered ground apples along the walk and then stopped
at a couple of farms to feed horses and goats.

The "Starfish" was orange peels opened to look that way.

Two goats came practically half way through the fence to eat
bread from Helen.  The lady of the house came down with a
bag of hot dog buns so we could feed the goats.

Apple tree still holding onto her bounty.