October 1, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Expecting rain today.  Must be charmed because we missed it other than a drop or two.  Eight of us had an enjoyable 6Km stroll through Bright Angel Park off Koksilah Rd.  On the way home we stopped for coffee at the new Tim Hortons' on Bench Rd.  Map and pics below.  --  DeNNis.

Follow the yellow dotted trace from where we parked (center) in a weird counter-clockwise direction, large loop first, completing second loop last.  Ignore the part with the red slashes.

Map of park on entrance sign.

Down the stairs to the suspension bridge.

Across we go - having sea legs helps.

Water level in Koksilah river is very low.

We always see some weird tree growth.

Looking up at the bridge from down river a ways.

Some discussion as to whether beavers made this log jam.


OKAY - If the coast is clear. 
How did they get that sign up there???

Back across the bridge.

More weird tree growth.


Anyone for climbing?

Not edible, I don't think.

Extra exercise.

The maintenance shed.

Some blue sky peeking through.

An unique egg sale display.


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