October 11, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Monday the 8th was a gray, dreary day but it didn't deter us   Eight of us walked 6km through some of the paths around the Mill Springs area.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars above Tim Hortons (top left) and walked in a convoluted figure 8 pattern retracing a section in the middle back over to Deloume Rd.

Even some of the street lights were still on when we started.

A little gray and damp as you can see.

Just had to walk a little faster to keep warm.

A good day to check out the various mushrooms --

-- and toadstools --

-- and whatever.

Lots of them all along the trails.

An attractive bit of gardening here including an Inukshuk.

Checking out one of the latest phases of Mill Springs construction.

Always have to include a shot of this unique tree growth.

Nobody in the pool??  Can't understand that on a day like this.

Nature makes beautiful art - even on a dull day.

A very unique shoe rack - will they dry here??

Finally - the reason for our walk in the dampness.

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