October 29, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Weather not great - but we are ever hopeful.  We need the rain!  Nine of us ventured out to do 9 to 10 Km in spite of the weather.  Good day for a Wilkinson Rd jaunt including the fish ladder stairway.  --  DeNNis.

Parked by the Tennis courts above Kerry Park Arena. A big clockwise loop across Shawnigan creek to Wilkinson Rd and down Cobble Hill Rd and Horton Rd to the highway.  Under the bridge on the highway and down the 97 steps to where they haul fish up from Shawnigan Creek  On to Tim Hortons for coffee and back to the vehicles.. 

The bridge across Shawnigan Creek ato Wilkinson Rd.

Some of us dressed for the weather.

Was Ecole Mill Bay - Now Mill Bay Nature School.

Halloween is almost here.

Bonner Elementary School.

An excellent crop of apples on this tree.

Needs some TLC.

We know how to pick our walking days.

Down under the highway bridge.

97 steps down and 97 back up.

Where the fish are caught for transfer to Shawnigan Creek, etc.

The Brentwood Grounds look nice even on a rainy day.


The old Stone Bridge.

Sylvan Church and Kelsey School.

Some shots of Shawnigan Creek below Kerry Park Rec Center.

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