October 15, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Twelve of us went "beach bushwhacking" today from Manley Park down to Satellite Park.  The sky was clear and the sun was bright.  Lots of photos and map below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked the cars at the end of Ratcliffe Rd below Arbutus Ridge (bottom right).  Down through Manley Park to the beach, over and under fallen trees, etc. most of the way down to the stairway up onto Satellite Park Rd.  A little sightseeing along Aros Rd and then along the Grandfield pathway back to Manley Park and the cars.  Finished up with a delicious lunch at Arbutus Ridge Bar & Grill which we thoroughly enjoyed after about 5 Km of walking.


Down to the beach at Manley Park.

Lots of lovely sunshine.

The "Tank Farm" dock.

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 Three ships waiting for berths.

Through the debris.

Some of it quite atrractive.

Over top this one.

Some natural artwork along the way.

Under this one if you look closely.

Over another one.

Some great scenery.

Stairway to a
private residence.

Not much space between the water and our path.

Up the stairway to Satellite Park road.

Some unique mushrooms or

A close up.

Lots of noise from the geese overhead.

These folks raise alpacas and dogs.

Boatswain Community Park.

CVRD replacing wooden stairways with concrete.

Weir is full because drain is closed.

A wonderful lunch to top off the day.

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