September 24, 2018

Men's Walking Group

We expected some sunshine but the weather was warm enough and no rain.  Good enough for 10 of us to hike about 9 Km from the Legion down the Bamberton-Haul Rd and back through the bush trails to the Legion.

Follow the dotted yellow line from the Legion (near the bottom and right) in a counter-clockwise loop.  The undotted yellow is an "as the crow flies" in the car. 

Before we even started we could have had a "turkey shoot" 
at the Legion.  We counted about 7 or 8 of them.

Some one left a stuffed toy behind.  It was sitting on a rock
so hope they find it soon.

Down through the bush trail behind the Legion.

Lots of "rock art" along the trail.

Remnants of the old "mountain bike" stunt platforms.

"Wet Coast" natural art.

Scenic trails through the bush.

Onto the power line trail.

The horses always enjoy a pat and a handful of grass.

At the other end of the Haul Road the Llama is always curious
about the funny humans that come to stare.
 This twig teepee we always see has an added ceremonial
rock circle.
Heading back along an unfamiliar bush trail.
Are we lost yet???
Tent caterpillars doing their artwork.

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