October 22, 2018

Men's Walking Group

Another great day for a walk - cool but clear and sunny.  Ten of us started at the Legion, across the road through Cairn Park and along various pathways to Old Mill Park.  Then down the E&N tracks and back to the Shawnigan Coffee House where we recharged for the short walk back to the Legion - about 8 Km distance.  -- DeNNis.

Follow the blue trace clockwise from the Legion (top left).

Quite the collector - there is more behind the fence.

Onto the Bob-O-Link trail.

Leaves don't lie - Fall is definitely in the air.

I guess you could call this a Shawnigan Tent City.

The Shawnigan Shaman on Recreation Rd - still in good condition.

Found a few deer in a back yard but they don't pay any
attention to us.

The entrance to Old Mill Park.

Shawnigan Recreation Association trailer park off Recreation Rd.

Strolling through Old Mill Park.

Extra large mushrooms (toadstools)?

The beach at Old Mill Park  -

- makes for a good panoramic shot.

A convoy of Canada Geese.

Bird house or decoration?

Down the E&N tracks.

The Shawnigan Museum.

Time for a coffee before we head back to the cars.

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