October 4, 2016

Women's Walking Group

Photos and comments complements Doreen Parker.

Three ladies had a wonderful time walking the beach at Mill Bay.  Lots of sights to see  ---

----  Like Jelly Fish washed up on the shore,
An old tree trunk with roots out of the ground leaving
cave like holes,

Found lots of shells to make a shell flower.
Also we printed out YSAG with shells  ---
--  And you can see it from the road.
Found a springy log to ride.

Helen found a nice long walking stick.

An Inukshuk.


The finished shell flower.

Helen and Lenora enjoying the sun on the rocks overlooking
the ocean.

We need more practice in "selfie" pictures.

It was a lovely sunny day and a very enjoyable time.  Need some ideas for our other Monday walks.  Where would you like to go??

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