October 3, 2016

Men's Walking Group

It was challenging in places for the 10 of us to trek the 7Km around Holland Creek.  We visited the Fox & Hounds for the first time for an English style pub lunch.  Next week will be a leisurely walk on the Mill Bay trails.

Another good walking day  --  from a cool start to a sunny finish.  Also,today we did the hard part first, the climbing, and finished with a down hill stroll.  A vey pretty walk up one side of Holland Creek in Ladysmith and back down the other side  --  enjoyed by all.  Then we got to enjoy a great Pub lunch.   ----    DeNNis.

Drove up above Coronation Square, turned right on Dogwood Drive,  The parking lot is to the left just before the bridge over Holland Creek at the bottom of what is called the "Dogwood Dip". 

Some pretty steep, narrow places along the edge of the
cliff on the way up with guardrails where it could be

A long way down to the creek.  That is a waterfall you see
down below.

The half way turn-around point at the top where you cross the bridge
to start down the other side of Holland Creek.

Beside the bridge - not a lot of water in the creek.

We will have to try this trail sometime.  About a 15 minute
walk to a viewpoint according to the signs.

One of the colliery dams -- usually the water is spilling
over the top.

A memoriam for a young girl who fell down the cliff while
trying to recover her cell phone several years ago.

The sunshine adds a little extra artwork to the trail.

Still some steep places but at least it's downhill.

The stairs and guard rails help, also.

As I said - a very pretty walk.

And we finish it off with lunch at the Fox and Hound English style pub.

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