October 24, 2016

Men's Walking Group

A nice walk on Wilkinson Rd, around to where the fish are caught for relocation, then across the old Stone Bridge (via Tim Hortons) and back to the cars by the Tennis courts above Kelsey school.  Good weather and good company. -- DeNNis.

Did a counter-clockwise loop from where we parked by the Tennis courts.  The straight blue line with white x's can be ignored.

On Wilkinson Rd.  Christmas is a'coming, the geese are
getting fat. 

Lots of water in the creeks - from the Wilkinson Rd bridge.

Another Big Foot Maple leaf.

No leaves left, but a few apples if you get there quick.

Hallowe'en is in the air.

The new housing development off of Horton Rd.

Starting down the 99 (or so) stairs to the fish ladder (where the
fish are caught for relocation further up Shawnigan Creek, etc)

About half way down.

Near the bottom.

This fellow is netting the fish
and putting them in a tank
from where they will be hauled
up above to be transported.

Time to stop for coffee.

Lots of water under the old Stone Bridge.

Almost finished our walk - we will take the
high-road here.

Fall foliage.


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