October 31, 2016

Men's Walking Group

A good walk today through Manley Park and back around Aros and Telegraph Rd.  A little damp, but we need a little rain now and then.  Not great for picture taking though.  Here is what I have to offer.  --  DeNNis


It was good exercise for the 14 of us to trek around Arbutus Ridge followed by coffee at Shawnigan House.  Next week will be a road trip to Victoria to walk from the Breakwater along Dallas Road over to China town.  With lunch plan to be at the Fan Tan Cafe.  --  Brook

Follow the blue trace counter-clockwise from where we parked the cars at the Manley Park entrance.

The umbrellas add a little colour to the photo.

The creek is running well.

You would think someone added a box of detergent to the water.


Definitely an autumn scene - lots of leaves coming down.


Visibility not very good.

Doesn't slow the geese down, though.


A dry seat protected from the rain.


But not enough room for the whole crew to sit.

A fuzzy deer -- almost escaped the camera but caught him on the run.

And lots of Canada Geese -- probably interested in the marshmallows.

Business as usual at the Tank Farm.

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