October 10, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Cooler mornings now for the 7 of us to trek the 7Km around the Mill Springs Trails.  Checked out the unfinished trail over the Hollings Creek bridge which will eventually connect new trails to the Stone Bridge over Shawnigan Creek.  Ended with coffee at Tim Hortons, next week destination is undecided at this time as weather may be a factor.  ---  Brook


Weather cooperated again today for our walk in the Mill Bay area.  Thanks, Ed, for the map.  It's quite interesting to see how Mill Springs is expanding.

Here are my photos of todays stroll.   ---   DeNNis.

Parked on Deloume Rd near Tim Hortons.  Follow the wiggly loop counter-clockwise all the way around and back to Tim Hortons.  We explored the unfinished trail as far as it went.  The section off Deloume Rd across from Kinnoul Cr. is where the new lots are located.

A big maple leaf hanging on for dear life.

Quite the walkway, goes up and around --

-- and finishes down here.

An old growth stump producing new growth.  You can see
where the planks were inserted for the fallers to stand.

A great tree for sitting and resting.  You might need a step-
stool to get up on it, but not too high.

The new area of Mill Springs, ready for development.  Some of the lots are already sold.

Paint inspectors checking things out.

Ken is about to be scooped up by the shovel.  Fortunately
the emergency vehicle is nearby.

For Larry and Ken.  Looks like it has been customized a bit.

The view from Mill Springs looking out over Alget Rd.

Deloume Community Park has had some playground
equipment installed.

Fall colours now in fashion.

Some pretty fancy pruning done here.


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