September 18, 2014

Womens Walking Group

Ten walkers explored Bright Angel Park after many improvements were made this summer. The park signage is quite informative and interesting. The park is now an excellent local place for a picnic, a fitness workout, or a hike along the many trails. It was rather sad to see the river so low. Some areas were just rock bottom and log jams. A thank you to our drivers. The next walk monday the 22nd. will be along Campbell Road and beyond. We meet at the Legion at 9:30 am.      VM
In the pictures below, the last four were taken by Joan Stone.

Looking out at rocks where once the river flowed.

Walking on the river

A pond left for some reflections

Dianne finds some Garden Art she would like to have

A strange, colourful fungus found on the trail

There are now many good sized parking spots in two areas

Grassed picnic areas with tables

The Habitat Restoration Area

A children's natural play area

These trees are made for climbing

The Fitness Workout area

This walker may not need the fitness workout

An unusual spider

An unusual and colourful bug

Here is the walkers fitness group

The walkers

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