September 24, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Denis hasn't lost his touch - the weather held perfectly for our stroll around Matheson Lake on Monday 21st as witnessed by these photos.  Nine of us did about 6 Km.

Started at the Parking Lot (bottom right) onto the Trans-Canada Galloping Goose Regional Trail (red and white trace) counter-clockwise around Matheson Lake. Easy walking on the GG Trail portion but a few Ups and Downs on the rest of the trail. Met lots of other hikers along the way.
This from Apr.12-2010 - took more shots of this
trick of nature Monday. (This was a better copy.)

This photo from April 12-2010 - must have been cool swimming.

.Checking the view over the lake

Mother Natures contribution.

Time to count heads.

Panoramic view of the lake.

Fortunately we are all in good shape and quite slim so we can get through these tight spots.


Great day for enjoying the lake.

Battle of  the giants - looks like the big guy came out on top.

Lunch at "My-Chosin" - Barley sandwiches are very healthy.

Tacky looking turkey -
- and a pretty bad hair-do!

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