September 15, 2014

Men's Walking Group

An easier but slightly longer walk today from Mill Bay Shopping Center to Mill Bay Ferry Terminal and return.  Nine of us braved the elements (beautiful day) and walked a total of 11.6Km -  (with exception as noted below).

It may take some zoom to read street names on this Google Earth map but most are familiar with the route as noted above.We investigated the Government Wharf and the "Old Earth Wharf" as shown on the trace along the way.
We were very fortunate to catch sight of this Orca (Killer Whale) shortly after beginning our walk.  What a treat!

On the Old earthen Wharf.

We were very lucky to escape the jaws of this  enormous sea monster.

Feathered Royalty on his Throne.

The Rotary Club Memorial marker. 

Looking north from the Mill Bay Ferry Terminal.

The "Exception" noted above - these guys went on strike and refused to do the last hill down to the Ferry Terminal - they only get credited with about 9.5 Km.

Even with all the drought - Mother Nature still puts out.

The Government Wharf at the bottom of Keir Rd.

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