September 8, 2014

Nine hardy souls participated in our walk today.  We covered about 7 Km with a few ups and downs, but it was enjoyed by all.  Finished up with a coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House.

The Google Earth map shows our route the best. Ignore the straight blue line up the center.We parked the cars in Shawnigan Estates  where Gregory Rd runs out of pavement - our track runs counter-clockwise from there through little bush trails (a couple wrong turns)  up to the Shawnigan School Maintenance Area.  Then past the playing fields and tennis court and back to the dcars.

Ed chose the route - so we let him lead and do the bush whacking.

Every metropolitan area needs a "Boardwalk".

So some took the High Road and the rest took the Low Road.

Still smiling - we made it this far.

Even the thistles are suffering from the heat -
- and the ferns.

Sewage settlement shed.

A "lesser boardwalk."

Shawnigan School living quarters.

 I think this used to be called the Upper Playing Field

The Observatory.

A new Field Hockey field being constructed with shorter artificial turf for a smoother playing surface.

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