September 11, 2014

Womens Walking Group

Eight walkers did 5 K at the Cowichan Bay Estuary and Maple Grove Park. We saw birds, berries, acres of corn, and beautiful views towards Mt Prevost. Returning to the park we stopped to admire the 32  Big Leaf Maples that are about 300 years old. Many have deteriorated and fallen due to age and flooding of the land. The Nature Trust leased the land to the CVRD in 2003 for the park. They caution people to stay within the park area as there is a danger of tree limbs falling at anytime. Our lunch was at the Pioneer House. The next walk on Monday the 15th. will be at Bright Angel Park. Meet at the Legion at 9:30 am. A reminder, to bring suggestions for future walks.   V.M.

The walkers

A Blue Heron

A Kingfisher

The corn field

Corn as high as an elephants eye

The old Maples are quite beautiful

The beginning of deterioration from the top of the Maples

Much moss hangs from the branches

A rough bark on the trees

These Maples have large seed pods

Some are colourful

Many Soap Berries this year

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