September 1, 2014

Six of us showed up for our walk today (Labour Day).  Perfect walking weather - not as hot.

Parked behind Kerry Park Arena (Red box - top left marked Go)  - around the path in Shawnigan Creek Park - down Mill Bay-Shawnigan Rd through Barry Rd Walkway over the Stone Bridge - down to the Mill Bay Marina, then down Mill Bay Rd a ways to kill time - then back past Brentwood College where we had to check out the Fish Ladder area - from there under the Hi-Way bridge back up through the Shawnigan Creek Pk trails.  GPS said 9.54 Km.

Almost no water in Shawnigan Creek - need more rain.

Park bench in honour of Jack Long at entrance to Shawnigan Creek Pk

Keith checking out the marina facilities.

Looking south from the marina.

This one is For Sale if anyone has the cash.

The Marina from the Boat Launch.

Mother Natures contribution.

The fish are caught in here and hauled up in drums to the top -

- If there was enough water for fish.

It is still approximately 100 STAIR-STEPS to the top.

A little "perspective" from under the Hi-Way bridge.
The old "Stone Bridge".

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