January 22, 2011

YSAG Computer/Photography Group

Hello All,
1) Here is a schedule of our upcoming meetings.
        January 25, 2011, Tuesday at 10:00am  Regular meeting with Photography emphasis.
        February 1, 20011 - No Meeting- See next item
        February 2, 2011, Wednesday - Trip to Craigdaroch Castle.  Leave the Legion at 9:00 - come back at about 2:30 pm.
        February 8, 2011, Tuesday at 10;00 am Regular meeting with Computers emphasized.
2) January 25 AGENDA
    Please see the attachments(these were sent by private email) from Digital Photography School that essentially states why shooting in "AUTO" is often not a bad thing. The author is a Natalie Norton.  We should keep her points in mind when we go on our trip.
3) Trip details. Denis L. is providing a bus for the trip. (14 passengers + driver) Thanks! Denis.  Please let me know early if you want to ride on the bus, so that any other YSAG members can be asked to join us if we don't fill the bus.
See you all Tuesday.
Ed W

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