January 4, 2011

Computer/Photography Group

This is a post to inform you of what we talked about at our meeting earlier today.
The main topic was "How to set up your IE8 browser to work 'In Private".  There seem to be more security issues out there when emailing or surfing the internet.  Internet Explorer 8 has addressed this problem by allowing users to browse  and erase the trail when each browsing session is closed.  The cookies, temporary files, passwords you might have entered, etc. are deleted automatically from your computer when you close a session. This is another step to keep you in control of your computer.
I will send out details by email of how to set up IE8 to do this.
Next week the emphasis will be photography.
Just so you know - We are planning to take a field trip to Craigdaroch Castle, Victoria,  probably January 27.
This is a Thursday.  Details are still sketchy, but if you are interested contact me either by phone or email.

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