January 15, 2011

Computer/Photography Group

Hello All,
For our Tuesday meeting I'll go to "Ask Leo": http://ask-leo.com/the_first_8_things_you_should_do_with_your_new_computer.html?awt_l=LneiF&awt_m=1eaxDWVn_pdfbL where he suggests 8 things to do when you get a new computer. They are all great suggestions and I think maybe 1% of people buying new computers actually follow all this. It's still good to go through this and pick and choose what might work for us.
I have attached jpg files to the group email which you can read and print if you like.
Speaking of printing these attachments, we could discuss in detail what might work better for all of us for printing and I will show what I ended up with. It might be worth holding off printing till after we have had the discussion.
Also, come with your questions about computing and let's write them down and collectively work out a good answer.

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