January 7, 2011

Computer/Photography Grp.

For our January 11 meeting we will focus on photography. Just so you all know, we are planning a field trip to Craigdaroch Castle in Victoria slated for January 27 to leave the Legion at about 9:00 am and return at about 2:00 pm. Details about this trip are being worked out and for now it includes our Computer/Photography group with spouses, signifigant others invited to come along. There is an admission fee and we hope to stop for lunch.  I understand camera use is OK and even flash use is alright. There is much to see and take pictures of but the lighting in the rooms is not bright, so for this meeting, January 11, I want to talk about getting good pictures in low light conditions and if you bring your cameras, practice shooting in low light.
Here is the website for Craigdaroch Castle: http://www.craigdarrochcastle.com/ check it out, there is a lot of interesting information and history.
Some pictures from that site are included as attachments. 
See you on Tuesday.

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