April 10, 2017

Women's Walking Group

Comments and photos courtesy Doreen Parker.

We walked a new trail (new to us ladies) off Silvermine Rd.  Just over 3 Km.  Drove around to check out other trails that we will do in the future.  Was a great long walk and good weather and we got home just as the rain started so that was a plus.  We stopped in Shawnigan for coffee and treats.

Next Monday being Easter Monday we decided to cancel the walk but will walk the following Monday.  Lots of wild flowers coming out now.  Saw a beautiful Trillium so should be more flowers out for our next walk.

Looking for our summer walkers returning to join us.
Yes, we climbed all those steps, can we go now?

   Very nice horse farm.

Two trees with lots of "legs".  Maybe "walking trees".   lol

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