April 6, 2017

Women's Walking Group

Women's Walk  ---  Monday, April 3rd, 2017.

Photos and comments courtesy Doreen Parker.

The ladies did 5 1/2 k walk to and back from the Kinsole Trestle.  It was a nice sunny day and we were soon removing our jackets.
We leave the Legin at 9:30 every Monday morning and our next walk we are thinking of the trail off Silvermine Road.  Hope you will join us.

Lenora and Doreen soaking up the sun on the trestle.


Coming up from the water and picnic area.


Ornate stump....more to follow.



You can see what seems to be the old tree circling this
"stump" or "core".



Same stump or core that Helen lightened.
Mother Nature at work here.  The other side
was plain. Very interesting.


One sad looking rock.


Love this new sign on the fence.


Don't think this little fellow liked that sign at all.


Helen and Lenora at the Trestle.


Enjoying fish and chips at Frayne Road.  Very good.

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