April 3, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Cool and crisp --  just have to walk a little faster.  But no rain and the sun will prevail.  An enjoyable stroll along the Galloping Goose (aka Cowichan Valley) trail from where it crosses Renfrew Road to West Shawnigan Lake Provincial Park.

As noted above, start at top left and turn back at lakes edge in West Shawnigan Lake park and retrace the trail back to Renfrew Road.  (The red dotted line is the Galloping Goose Trail.)

The grass alongside the trail is covered with a layer of frost.

Must stop and let the stragglers catch up.

Is it fog or smoke?  Just smoke from a small bonfire.

Only room for two to sit here so we may as well carry on.

Down the trail, across the road to the park.

A neat bearded tree.

Silhouettes on the beach.

Overseer of the lake.

Mt Baldy from West Shawnigan Lake Park.

Back to the Galloping Goose and to where we started.

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