April 10, 2017

Men's Walking Group

Great day for the 12 of us to walk the 9Km crossing Shawnigan Creek 4 times.  Ended up at Tim Hortons for coffee. -- Brook


Weather is warming up.  Spring, we think, is on its way.  An easy, enjoyable walk around Wilkinson Rd today.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

Parked behind Tim Hortons, took the trail across the "Stone Bridge" to Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd, then follow the Yellow Brick Road clockwise back to Tim Hortons. 

The Stone Bridge.

Lots of water.  Looking downstream from the Stone Bridge.

The trail behind Kerry Park Rec. Center.

Nobody in the Tennis Courts today.

This tree had a crooked start in life.

Looking downstream from the other bridge near Wilkinson Rd.

Seen alongside Wilkinson Road.

This big old Arbutus was trimmed to make room for
the power lines to pass through, probably several years
ago  --

Looking a little stressed on the other side.

The flower stand brightened up the walk.

Looks like trouble here.

"Wooden shoe like to see me with some fresh paint?"

Located on the other side of the same yard.

The new housing on Hayden Rd off Horton Rd.
From here we proceeded behind the Brulette Place
complex (across from Kelsey School), back across
the Stone Bridge.

Back across the Stone Bridge from the other direction.

Coffee Time!!

Who says Spring isn't here??  Next door to Tim Hortons.

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