April 17, 2017

Men's Walking Group

A great workout for the 10 of us to walk the 9Km along haul road followed with coffee at the Shawnigan House.  --  Brook


Today we took a slightly different walk behind the Legion as shown in the map and photos.  The weather cooperated as usual.  --  DeNNis.

Ignore the solid yellow line on the left.  Started at the Legion (left center), follow the red arrow right and down to the Bamberton Haul Rd to the alpaca farm.  Did a loop up from the alpaca farm, then down through the bush back to the Bamberton Haul Rd and all the way back to where the horses reside.  From there we followed another trail through the bush back to the Legion.

Bridge over troubled water.

Somebodys art work.  It has been here for quite some time.

Remnants of the old mountain bike ramps now fallen apart.

Trees can grow beards, too.

Looks like more lights and cameras added to the
BusyBee Day Care sign.

Good turnout today including Denis L. behind the camera.

Teepee under construction.

Skunk cabbage crop coming along well.

The horses were a little shy today.

Definitely a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Popular woodpecker tree.

A couple of these turkeys were snacking below the
parking lot behind the Shawnigan barber shop.

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