November 16, 2016

Women's Walking Group

On Monday, November 14th, five ladies took a leisurely 4.5 Km walk around the Cobble Hill area.  Weather was sunny and perfect and we all had a good time feeding the animals along the way. (Photos and comments courtesy Doreen Parker.)

All the white crosses added to the graves at St Johns Church.

A lady came out and gave us alfalfa blocks to feed her
two horses.  On our way home we passed husband and wife on
the road having their daily ride.

The little tree was covered with dew and sunshine and looked
like an early Christmas tree  --  So pretty.

We fed the ducks and they came right out of the water
looking for more food.

Three works of art in yard.

The Gargoyle didn't look too happy to see us.

Lovely carvings.

We gathered ground apples along the walk and then stopped
at a couple of farms to feed horses and goats.

The "Starfish" was orange peels opened to look that way.

Two goats came practically half way through the fence to eat
bread from Helen.  The lady of the house came down with a
bag of hot dog buns so we could feed the goats.

Apple tree still holding onto her bounty.

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