November 14, 2016

Men's Walking Group

It was a good day for the 13 of us to walk 8Km around Cobble Hill ending with coffee at the Old School House.  Next week plan is around Shawnigan Village and the Old Mill Park. -- Brook



We had a good walk around the Cobble Hill area this morning.  Cool to start but the sun eventually found us.  Below are the pictures I managed to get.  --  DeNNis.

I think the map is fairly straight forward even though our route is kind of convoluted.  Just follow it counter clockwise from the bottom left corner. 

We took the High Road  --  to the right and below us
 is the E&N Railroad and Cobble Hill Road.

Mom and her three month old offspring.

Across the road these guys were wondering what other strange
animals were in their neighborhood.

"Is that the best you have to offer?  Grass is so boring."

A house about to be on the move.

In the playground at Ecole Mill Bay  --  could be fun in the warmer weather.

Neat fence art they have.

Mother Natures work.

A little arch art.

Unique fence - but its seen better days.

Spotted on Hutchison Rd.

A welcome sign!!

The "Round(?) Table discussion."

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