November 21, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Interesting route for the 13 of us to walk 9Km around Shawnigan Village and Old Mill Park followed by coffee (sitting outdoors) at Shawnigan House.  Next week plan is a trek around the Friendship Trail in Duncan.  -- Brook


Another enjoyable walk with no rain.  Looks like Denis's touch is rubbing off onto Brook -- "No rain Mondays."  Below is my map and some photos.  --  DeNNis.

Hope this map is not too confusing.  Started at the Legion (bottom right) and did kind of a counter-clockwise route.  Ed and I lost track of the the rest when we decided to check out the viewing platform in Old Mill Park but found them back on the tracks on the return journey.

Symbol in driveway --

-- at this residence.  Another VW being restored in
the same yard.

"The Chippery."

Had to look way-up to
see this lone leaf hang-
ing on for dear life.

Shawnigan Cemetary.

A sprig from this Holly tree ready for Christmas.

This mini-garden always looks good no matter what the
time of year.

If we split this banana we could have
a banana split.

Tree growing from a branch of the
mother tree.

The lake viewing platform in Old Mill Park.

Old foundation of some unknown structure.

Entrance to Old Mill Park.

A wet walk out to the rest of the dock.

Back on track with the rest of the gang.

Christmas ornaments??

Strange wood burl.

Boat taking a long holiday.

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