November 7, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Interesting 9Km walk for the 11 of us to stroll around Victoria and Dallas Road.  Lunch was at the Fan Tan CafĂ© in China town.  Next week will be a local walk in Cobble Hill.  --  Brook


Below are my photos of todays walkabout in Victoria.  The weather held out and the company was great  --  AND the lunch was delicious.   ---   DeNNis.

Follow the "yellow brick road" counter-clockwise from where we parked near the Ogden Point Breakwater.  No room to add more info - should be easy to follow.

The Breakwater  --  the next photo shows what was hiding at
the top of the tall light standard at the right side of the photo.

We were being ignored.

Fishermans Wharf  --  lots of colour.

This guy was checking out a seagull on the wharf.

Notice the lady in black - she was checking us out.

Reflections in the Inner Harbour.

These folks have their own private duck pond.

King of the hillside.

Whale watchers with the Blue Bridge in the background.

A full meal in a single mushroom, or is it a toadstool(?) 

The "Coho" about ready to depart.

Remember the jingle, "Big or teeny, just call Heaney"?

This old boat caught our eye - looks like it has been around
for a good, long time.

At the other end of Fan Tan Alley is our lunch.

The old Chinese Public School.

A couple of sightings on Menzies Street on our way back to the cars.

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