November 28, 2016

Men's Walking Group

A brisk 8Km walk for the group of 14 followed by coffee at the Drumroaster Coffee.  Next week plan will be local down Sylvester Road. 


A nice day for a walk around the Friendship Trail in Duncan.  It was near zero degrees when we left the Legion but we finished up in the sunshine.  Map and photos below.  --  DeNNis.

We started from the Walmart parking lot (top right).  Follow the yellow brick road counter-clockwise from there.  I think the map is pretty well self-explanatory.

Away we go - up the E&N tracks to Drinkwater Road.

Seen on Drinkwater Rd.

Quite a few apples - no leaves left.

Posted on a fence on Drinkwater Rd.

Lots of colour in the rose hips.

Starting down the trail from Drinkwater Rd.

Ice on the shallow puddles --

 --  decorated by Mother Nature.

The bridge across Bings Creek -- on the other side this trail
connects with the Cowichan Valley trail.  Lots of water in
Bings Creek at this time of year.

The Cowichan Valley trail ends at Sherman Road which we
take down to beside the Highway where we get onto the
Friendship Trail.

The Friendship trail, flanked on the right by the E&N and the
Trans-Canada Highway.

Some artist has been at work below the bridge across
Averill Creek.

I am told this is a "Shaggy Mane"
mushroom, apparently edible.

Hope this is readable.

Back where we started.


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