September 5, 2016

Men's Walking Group

It was a great day for the 9 of us to walk the 9Km crossing Shawnigan Creek in 4 different locations.  Stopped at a farm on Wilkinson Road to view a crop of Elderberries covered by netting as last year a flock of starlings devoured the crop of berries.  Next week will be a visit to Cobble Hill mountain to take the easy route to the summit followed by lunch at the Cobblestone Pub.  -- Brook


"No rain Monday again."

Great weather for what Brook calls the "modified Wilkinson Rd walk."

Lots of photos - here are just some of them.   ---   DeNNis.

Parked behind Tim Hortons (right side near top).  Follow the "Yellow Brick Road" counter -clockwise from there.  Hopefully it is fairly self explanatory.

The Stone Bridge - about half way between Tim Hortons and
Shawnigan-Mill Bay Rd.  Lots of moss growing on it.

Shawnigan Creek below bridge on Shawnigan Mill Bay Rd.
Very little water in there at this time.

Shawnigan Creek near Kerry Park Rec. Center.  The water
level is extremely low.

Nature Art.

Action going on at the Tennis Courts behind Kerry Park Rec Ctr.

Bridge behind Kerry Pk Rec Ctr near Wilkinson Rd.

Seen in a driveway off Wilkinson Rd.

Yes - It's getting close to Thanksgiving you "Turkeys".

Feeding apples to the horses.

The fish catching area on Shawnigan Creek near Brentwood
School.  It is 95 to 100 stair steps each way up and down.
Plenty of exercise for one day.

Fish are put into containers and winched up
to the top for transportation up
Shawnigan Creek.

On the way back up.

Malahat Masonic Lodge Nr. 107.

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