September 19, 2016

Men's Walking Group

A good 6Km trek for the 8 of us around Shawnigan Village with Coffee at the Shawnigan House.  Next week we will walk the Rat Lake Hydro Line starting from Fern Ridge Drive.  -- Brook


Escaped most of the rain today - it just teased us as we started.  An interesting repeat of a walk we did 370 days ago (Sep. 14-2015).  Not much has changed and not many real photo ops.  --  DeNNis.

Follow the blue trace from the Legion clockwise.  The interesting part is in the loop (top right),
but hidden in the trees.

Umbrellas to start, but jackets off by the time we finished.

This old, abandoned tank must be about 6 feet in diameter.

Part of the "driveway".

Just a few of the vehicles that were saved for restoration or ???

More fuel to arouse our curiosity.  An interesting area.

A nice sit-me-down,  but a little damp today.

On a brighter note - Coffee Time at Shawnigan Coffee House.

Some new art work over our usual table.

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