September 26, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Nice trek for the 10 of us up to the Rat Lake Hydro lines.  Next week will be our road trip to Ladysmith for the walk up to Holland Creek.  Plan is lunch at the Fox & Hounds Pub. --- Brook

Cool to start - warming up in the sun - a good day for an easy stroll up to Rat Lake and back via the Power Line.  Followed by coffee at the Shawnigan Coffee House.  ---  DeNNis.

Parked at the end of Fern Ridge Cr. and up the trail to the Bamberton Haul Rd.  Stopped at Rat Lake long enough to check it out, then up one of the Bamberton Motorized Trails to the Hydro Power Line.  A pleasant Monday jaunt.

We speedy walkers had to wait for the stragglers to catch up.

Looking out by the picnic table.  Lots of Lily Pads.

Zoomed in on a Butterfly Bush showing off a flower cluster.

A lonely Lily Pad flower still in bloom.

Did a bear do this(?) sharpening up his claws??

A long trail ahead.

Wildlife spotted on our last walk here - June 20/2016.

Todays sighting - people and dogs.

The others took the Low Road,

While I took the High Road.

Quite a lean on this tree.  Just about back at the cars.

The Women's Walking Group following us?  Looking for coffee?

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