August 29, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Interesting 6Km trek for 10 of us back up to the Quarry from Silvermine Road.  Next week is local walk on Wilkinson Road and along Shawnigan creek.  -- Brook

The weather just keeps holding out for our walks.  Today we attacked the Quarry from a different angle.  Hope my map is not too confusing as I had a small problem with the GPS satellites (my fault, not the GPS).  --  DeNNis.

Parked the vehicles near Burnham Park.  Walked down Silvermine Rd past 1 to 2 where we turned up Coleman Rd.  At point 3 we followed a path just inside the tree line to 4 and up to 5.  From 5 the GPS shows the rest of the route.

Mother Nature is so precise with her patterns -
even when working with weeds.

At the end of Coleman Rd its through the gate and onto the trail.

Up the staircase we go.

Fall (of leaves) is in the air.

Looking over the UFO landing site to the Quarry.

Lets zoom in a bit.

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