September 13, 2016

Men's Walking Group

It was a great day for the 10 of us to climb up Cobble Mountain for spectacular views of South Cowichan.  After the 8Km trek lunch was at the Cobblestone Pub.  Next week will be a Shawnigan area walk around Elford Road.  --  Brook.


The summer is holding on perfectly for our walks.  Excellent weather and great company for a leisurely jaunt up Cobble Hill Mountain.  --  DeNNis.

Lots of twists turns and switchbacks, especially on the way up.  Follow the arrows counter-clockwise from the Cobble Hill off-leash dog park.  On the summit of Cobble Hill (top left)
the number 1 is the viewpoint looking east over Cobble Hill and the Saanich Peninsula,  the
number 2 is looking west down to the large farm near the Bamberton Quarry, and the number
3 is looking northward toward the Duncan area.  The orange-white trace denotes motorized
vehicle trails.  The elevation change from where we started to the top of Cobble Hill is about
220 meters.

On the way up.

Nice wide level trail (in places).

Time for a rest break, then onward and upward.

Looking to the east over Cobble Hill Village.  If you squint,
just between the centre-top and the hanging branches, you  
can see Mt. Baker on the horizon.

Lookin west down towards the farm near the Quarry.

Some "Seniors" taking in the view from the top.

Some pretty steep slopes on the way back down.

Near the bottom - the gathering place for the dogs.

Last, but not least, the old whatever.


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