April 27, 2016

Women's Walking Group

April 25th women's walk.

Photos and captions complements of Doreen Parker.                                               --  DeNNis.

Seven ladies had a lovely day walking Honeymoon Bay Ecological Reserve and then stopped at Gordon Bay Provincial Park For a few pictures at this lovely beach and then to the Senior Centre for lunch where we were entertained by lady line dancers.  Thanks to Lynn driving all seven of us in her van.

The Group.

Fairy Slippers.

Lenore's hand holding lily for picture.

Neat fungi.

Large stump - you could see the trees on the other side
through the perfect round holes.

Fawn lily.

Ornate root we thought interesting.

Trillium with pink and white stripes .. a little different.
(Note: Trilliums are white early in the season and eventually
become a pinkish-purple as the season ends.)

Fairy Bells
(I think that is what Dianne said the name was.)

Beautiful scene at the lake and yes Dianne did bring the
log to shore.

Helen - showing us how to stand to take pictures.

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