April 25, 2016

Men's Walking Group

We had a great day for the 8 of us to trek a tough 10Km up to Oliphant Lake from Spectacle Lake.  We find exiting Spectacle Lake North on HWY 1 to Mill Bay is treacherous, so we took the route South to Shawnigan Lake Road about the same travel time to have coffee at the Shawnigan House.  Thanks to Dennis for his GPS navigation and photos of the trek.  Next week plan is a road trip to Matheson Lake with lunch at the popular My Chosen CafĂ©. --- Brook


My map and photos of todays walk to Oliphant Lake  --  and the GPS helped us stay on the right trail for the return part of the loop.  The weather and company were great as usual.    ----    DeNNis.

The map tells the story.  We parked at the Spectacle Lk parking lot, started on the Spectacle Lk trail, then off onto one of the Bamberton Motorized trails (as they are called - the green and white traces).  Without the GPS there were quite a few wrong turns we could have made  --  but the "Yellow Brick Road" shows we made it back to where we started.

UP and OVER.

What did this tree have to
get around on its way up?

A few large puddles to get around.


Nice viewing platform - but no ladder.

Next time we will bring cushions.

A section of the dam at the south end of the lake.

Another nearby section of the dam.

Looking north on the lake.

A couple of metal mysteries.

What kind of plant is this?

"Maybe they are lost - could be tasty."

The beginning of a bush which produces small blackberries
                                                                    - according to Larry.

An interesting building.

The Malahat Fire Hall  --  "We made it!"

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