April 11, 2016

Men's Walking Group

Map and photos from our Swan Lake-Christmas Hill walk today.  Weather went from light jackets on and then off  --  perfect.  Too many photos to choose from but did my best.  Lunch was also great.   ---   DeNNis.

Parked just off of McKenzie Ave at Rainbow Park.  Then did a counter-clockwise walk around Swan Lake and then across McKenzie and up Christmas Hill where the views were spectacular, not like last time when all we could see was fog. 

Inside the Nature House.
Lookin across Swan Lake from the viewing platform.

Unique fence.

Lots of Mallards enjoying the water.

And some Cormorants drying their feathers.

Star lilies in abundance.

"The Hanging Tree."

The last few stepping stones to the top.

More wild flowers.

Mt. Doug

The Observatory on West Saanich Road.

The above 3 panorama shots constitute a 360 degree view from Christmas Hill summit.

The gangs' all here!

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