April 21, 2016

Women's Walking Group

Bright Angel Park  --  April 4th.

Five ladies had great weather for this walk.  Thanks to Claudia for driving.

The Dogwoods were just opening and there were lots of trilliums, wild bleeding hearts and daisies blooming.

Photos complements of Doreen Parker.

Washed up debris from past stormy weather.

Are Wendy and Claudia holding this thing up??  --  Or just
demonstrating its large size?

Lots of lilies in full bloom.

Ladies leisurely lollygagging along Lily Lane.

What type of critter vandalized this tree?  No bears or cougars spotted.

A lonely lovely trillium.

A snail on the move with both head and "tail" exposed.
Watch he doesn't bit your finger, Dianne.

Dogwood tree just coming into bloom.

Lots of little wild daisies, too.

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