December 2, 2014

Photography group

I thought it was high time that a new post was sent from our Photography group. Today we talked about painting with light using our cameras. Below are some of my efforts. If you do a search "light painting" or some such terms you will get a lot of really good examples and how the images are made.
I am also including 2 pictures taken with my phone on our Men's walking group yesterday.

The icicles hanging from the rocks and the sun hitting the parts of the scene made for a striking picture.

This should have been a great picture. Unfortunately, it is really hard to not have movement or shake, at least for me - so it is blurry.

This is my version of a 'selfie' and a first attempt at light painting.

Another attempt at light painting or light writing.

The title here could be "Fire and Ice". There is about 2 inches of snow on the picnic table and the flame is burning steel wool..

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