December 27, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Better late than never??!!  At last - my pics from our Cobble Hill walk and lunch Dec. 22nd.  Got caught up in Christmas, but here we go.  -  DeNNis

Parked by the Cobble Hill  Off-leash dog park (Red box 020 - bottom left)  -  did the big loop as shown and ended up with lunch at the Cobblestone Pub.

Some artistic soul added decorations to some trees on the Dusk to Dawn Trail in Fairfield Road Park  -  Nice touch.


- in a web - 

"Neat toy - Let's play."
Scary creature in the "Dusk to Dawn" trail  -  somebody had to shinny up the tree a few feet to create this guy. 

Unique fence - needs some TLC though.

Gotta love that green at this time of year.

Old steam donkey fly wheel at base of Cobble Hill Mountain.

The highlight  --  Lunch at the Cobblestone Pub.

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