December 17, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Better later than Denis than never.  Good weather again and good company as usual.  Not much in photo ops, but better a little than none.  Another enjoyable jaunt.  --  DeNNis.

The Yellow Brick Road again.  Ignore the brownish-purple lines.  They are clutter from various other trips showing "as the crow flies" in the car.  Started at the Legion (Red Flag 001).  GPS slow to pick up satellites so part of trace missing.  From behind the Legion down to the Haul Rd  -  went right, down to visit with Mr Ed the horse, but he wasn't there this time. So back the other way down the Haul Rd to the Alpaca farm.  Then back up through the various streets to return to the Legion.  As Denis said, we did this walk at a pretty good pace.
A cool, somewhat frosty morning - good weather for a brisk walk.

The circle of  Wisdom????

A unique imaginative sign near the alpaca farm.

The little park near the Weir.  No shortage of water at this time of year.

Thought I would throw in the Google Earth version as well.

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