December 8, 2014

Men's Walking Group

A local walk today.  Denis couldn't join us as he had other obligations.  But he must have had a word with the weather goddess, or whom ever he deals with in that department.  We missed the rain again!!  Ten of us did about eight kilometers, then had a leisurely coffee at Shawnigan Coffee House.  --  DeNNis.

My GPS is getting messy so ignore those solid purple lines. Follow the red arrows on the Yellow Brick Road from the legion (top left) clockwise around through Old Mill Park, down the E&N rail tracks to Masons Beach and back to the Legion.  We dawdled a bit at Old Mill Park and Masons Beach but made pretty good time.
Took a sharp-right here - didn't feel like climbing today.

The "Shawnigan Shaman" by Randy Malone who indicated he was going to join
our Woodcarving Group one day but headed up to the interior to work.  Hope to hear
from him one day soon.

Entrance to Old Mill Park.

Looking across from the beach at Old Mill Park.

Reflections from the Government Wharf on Shawnigan Lake.


At Masons Beach. --   This Mobile Lab unit from Quebec is apparently being used to check on water quality in Shawnigan Lake.  The letters  NSERC on the side of the unit stand for "National Science and Engineering Research Council" of Canada which provides funding for University based research.

Fifty shades of gray.


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