December 1, 2014

Men's Walking Group

My take on our CHILLY Galloping Goose Trail walk today.  So cold there were no animals or flowers.  WELL - maybe it wasn't quite that bad.  We just walked a little faster to keep warm.  Actually it was quite enjoyable.  -- DeNNis.

Started where the Galloping Goose crosses Sooke Lake Rd (right) not far from Cougar Ridge. Walked north along the trail almost to Butler Rd and back. (The Yellow Brick Road!)

Next to no snow - too dry for snow balls.  But the icicles and little ferns made a nice showing.

NOTICE  --  Ear muffs, toque and gloves!

BUT  --  Sunshine (through the trees) and Blue Sky. 

If you squint, you can make out the Inukshuks made by some artistic soul.

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