October 2, 2014

Women's Walking Group

Ten did the walkway at Aros Road, then along the Granfield trail to part of Manley Park. When looking over to Hatch Point we noticed a large containment area for spills near the refinery dock. We did not see a spill, so possibly a practise ? Coffee and a goody treat by Joan at the Arbutus Cafe. Next monday Oct 6th. we will walk around/above/through, Cowichan Bay. Lunch will be at the Rock Cod Cafe. Meet at the Legion at 9:30 am.   VM

Holding the trees up

Looking out towards the Hatch Point Refinery

Containment setup at the dock

The fall colours begin

A close-up

The walkers see a spider web

The spider was out on an errand at the time

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