October 20, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Another day in paradise - the forecasted rain did not materialize.  Denis has the fair weather touch.  Here are my shots from todays Blue Bridge walk.   --   DeNNis.

Follow the red arrows on the yellow brick road from Spinnakers Brew Pub on the left, counter clockwise across the Blue Bridge,  up -around across the Point Ellice Bridge and back to Spinnakers for a great lunch.

Mother Nature at work again - that tree starts under the fence behind the post.

Foggy start - but NO rain.  -  Dredging for the new marina.

Some fishy art work.

The "COHO" arriving from Port Angeles.

Things look pretty normal on this side of the Blue Bridge -

-- A different story on this side. Lots of construction on the new bridge supports.

Victoria Harbour Ferry Terminal  --  H2O TAXI

Frog-Art   --   I guess!!

Looking at the Selkirk Trestle from the Point Ellice Bridge.

Time for lunch at Spinnakers.  Looks like wild life in the area.

Checking out the barley and hops - could make for an interesting brew.


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