October 27, 2014

Men's Walking Group

Denis took charge of the weather.  Larry took care of the directions.  Another great walk in good company.  Hope the pictures do it justice.  -  DeNNis

Parked in the Providence Farm parking area (bottom left).  Follow the red arrows up the yellow brick road and back.  Fortunately, Larry knew when to take the right or left turns, and got us there without a hitch.  Looks like our climb was about 80 meters - Ups and downs make for good exercise.

That mist is as close as we got to rain - excellent weather for walking.

Mother Nature hard at work with all the leaves and adding the moss to the big rocks.

Almost there - time for a breather and a photo-op.

There we are - looks like it was sliced with a pizza cutter.

We look pretty small in there.
The only way out is straight through  -  or UP???
No Passing!!

On the way back  -  Some take the high road,  some take the low road.

Getting ready for Hallowe'en.

The General Store.

And the General  ???????

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